Hey everyone, we hope you all had a fantastic New Year!


The team at AKRacing much enjoyed the break and are refreshed and ready to take on 2017 with many awesome things in the pipeline...We just launched our NEW Overture Series and we have a NEW Real Leather Series in the works that will be released around March.


We, at AKRacing have decided to commit to our blog this year as part of our New Year's Resolutions and keep you up to date and well informed with what's HOT and HAPPENING in the Australian Esports/Gaming Scene.


I guess I better start with the formalities and introductions... I’m Chiara (Marketing Manager of AKRacing) and we've decided to kick start the year by speaking with Bryce Wood. Bryce Wood is the founder of United Gaming Australia and we’re going to talk about how he came to start such a great organisation...



(Bryce Wood)


C: Tell us a little about yourself Bryce.


B: Hi there my name is Bryce, or online I go by vyne. I've always loved gaming, ever since I was young. I remember playing Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on the Super Nintendo with my Dad and younger brother.





Then moving onto the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Playstation 2. Then finally making the decision to jump over to the Xbox, main reason being is that Buffy was an Xbox exclusive back then! That's when it really happened. Halo, the first ever game I completely immersed myself in. Fast forward 15 years and here I am. I have been given an opportunity but the fantastic people at AKRacing Australia to contribute to their blog. And to be honest, I'm incredibly nervous.


C: No need to be nervous, we are very interested and want to know what prompted you to start United Gaming Australia?





B: I'll start with my Facebook page, United Gaming Australia. I started this page not to get or gain anything out of it, but to give back to gaming community. What do you mean you ask? I want to help shine the light more on gaming in the ANZ region. If you're an up and coming Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, or a developer. Pretty much anything gaming related. I want to help get your name out there. Sharing on social media is an amazing way to reach out to people and connect. I never expected to make the friends and connections I have in this last year since starting UGA. It really has been an amazing journey and I want everyone to be a part of it.


C: What do you generally post?


B: As well as everything above, I post up news, reviews and gameplay on there. When I get time, and not working or spending time with my beautiful family, I also stream on Twitch.


Social Links:

Facebook - United Gaming Australia

Twitch - vyneUGA Twitter - vyneUGA





C: Lastly what do you think will really take off and trend in the early months of 2017???


B: There are a couple of thing that's really standing out for me in 2017. The Nintendo Switch and Project Scorpio. Both in their own way could be, and hopefully, possible game changers. Project Scorpio is apparently going to the most powerful console ever made. But at what price? Being sold as a "premium" console, we are expecting it to be significantly more expensive compared to the Xbox One S. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, promising 6 teraflops of performance, 4K gaming and VR ready. And probably my favourite, it will support your current library.





Now the Nintendo Switch, WOW is all I can say. I am so excited for this, words don't come close! Due out in March, and I know we are all hoping and praying that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is released at launch. Still this console has been a little elusive. Still not a lot is known about it, sure there's been a few leaks and rumours hear and there. But nothing really solid. I'm my honest opinion, Nintendo doesn't need a flashy fancy, high performance console. What they need is the gameplay, that's what Nintendo has always been about! With the official reveal coming this Friday, I know a lot of our questions and theory's will be answered. I've just got my fingers crossed this year will live up to everything I know it can be!


C: Thank you for your time Bryce! We've really enjoyed speaking to you.


B: Thank you for your time and if you have spare moment, please check out our social media links. But a huge thank you to AKRacing Australia, you're all absolute legends! #UnitedInGaming


That wraps up our first blog for the year, stay tuned for our next installment! We'll see you next Thursday, same time, same place.


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