The Just Jap crew turned heads this year with the numerous awards won at the 25th Targa Tasmania World Class International Motorsports Event which was held between the 11th- 16th of April.




The Spirit of Tasmania and Duttons Garage Early Modern Class race proved to be quite successful for Driver, Stephen Thatcher and Navigator, Kelly Handley who placed third on the podium. It was the very same R32GTR that debuted back in 2000 and has been driven in this event for the past 16 years that gave these two a place on the podium. Kelly also received her 10 year pin for her involvement with Targa Motorsports Events.




This year the Just Jap crew was honoured to accept and take home the special 25th Anniversary Targa Trophy for completion of each stage in under their Trophy time for 2014, 2015 and 2016. 



The trophy cabinet continued to expand down at Targa with the Just Jap crew also scoring first place for Early Modern Category 4WD along with achieving first place in Teams. 



David Ayres and Stuart Benson are to be commended for completing the event with great success despite the mechanical failure and of the rear differential in the R35 that caused the lads to come off road. Many thanks to Gary, Moorey and the Just Jap Tassie Crew who spent the night replacing the transmission, ensuring that David was able to compete the next day.


A massive Congratulations to the Just Jap Team and all those involved for the numerous accolades won this year.