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  1. Friday Streamer Feature - AyekayGG

    A huge welcome to the second installment of our Friday Streamer Feature Blog.

    This week we chat to one of our OG AKFAM community champions - Aiden Hiko.

    The first time we met Aiden was at the RTX2017 event, Aiden wanted to know if we had set up a booth at this event, unfortunately, we just had a few chairs at the Razer booth and some chairs on the main stage which meant that Aiden was unable to try out our entire range. Luckily in this instance, first impressions didn't become lasting impressions. Shortly after our first encounter, we ended up catching up with Aiden at our Sydney Office, Aiden and Sylax came down to say hello and pick up a white desk and overture series chair.

    Check out the VLOG he made of his first experience at our Sydney Office here.

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  2. Friday Streamer Feature - Shaggy Steve

    Welcome, to our first ever Friday Streamer Feature blog post. You can expect weekly doses of streamer & content creator features which will be published every Friday.

    This Friday we have featured one of our favourite Twitch

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