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  1. Friday Streamer Feature - Tamsinwood

    This week we feature long time AKRacing Fam Member - Tamsin Wood. You've probably seen Tamsin pop up in your timeline for all things gaming, but recently we've noticed her Health Kick and we are so happy to see her doing so well with her challenges.

    Origins of Gamer tag/name:

    TW: Tamsin Wood is my name!

    What influenced you to stream?

    TW: Before I began streaming I would often play Destiny with my friends, usually raiding while having a great time laughing and creating friendships. I wanted others to be a part of the fun and experience just how great Destiny could be.

    Experience in working with brand

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  2. Friday Streamer Feature - Miggiato

    Hello AK Fam, welcome to this week’s installment of Friday Streamer Feature.

    This week we speak to one of our OG AKRacing affiliates Miggiato.

    We were fortunate enough to meet the beautiful Miggiato back at Pax 2017 and unfortunately haven't crossed paths again. Have a read below to learn more about Miggiato and catch her stream.

    Origins of Gamer tag/name Miggiato

    M:Origin of my name. When I was thinking of a name I didn't want it to be anything girly (which is my personal preference) I wanted something short, memorable, easy to use and something that would also reflect me. If it wasn't going to about snacks it would be about coffee lol so I

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  3. Friday Streamer Feature - ScubaEdge

    Welcome to this weeks installment of Feature Friday - this week we chat to streamer ScubaEdge.Whilst ScubaEdge has only been on our radar for a short time he has been into gaming for most of his life and in time he has built an epic community around his twitch, Twitter and Instagram. To read up more about ScubaEdge please check out these interesting facts below.

    Origins of gamer tag/name ScubaEdge:

    SE: I’ve been getting called Scuba for nearly 20 years, it all goes back to when I was in school and my friend at the time recently got back from seeing the Adam Sandler movie called Big Daddy, you know the one where the kid has an action figure called Scuba Steve. With my name being Steve naturally, my friends started calling me Scuba Steve. It kind of just stuck and all

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