Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Friday Streamer Feature - AnnaPlayz

    This week we spoke to Anna from the AnnaPlayz_ stream. We've known Anna for quite some time and we have enjoyed watching her grow as a streamer over the last couple of years. We were even fortunate to have met Anna at PAX 2017 and had the pleasure of having Anna be one of our official affiliates too. Read more about Anna below.


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  2. Friday Streamer Feature - The Real El Doucho

    This week we speak to The Real El Doucho, The Real El Doucho has been an AKFam member for quite some time and loves to rep our chairs! Check out what he is currently up to and where to catch his Twitch stream.

    Origins of Name:

    TRED: Here's a bit of a history lesson with the Doucho on the origin of my name (and before) - before my Twitch/PC days I used to play on PS4. I was known as King SC5S since I owned a 2005 Honda Integra Type S, coming into PC Gaming I thought I'd leave that chapter behind as I sold my car. One day I was atching the Netflix Series "El Chapo" and thought to myself having El at the front of my name would be pretty funny (At this stage my name was Douchebag69 for a bit of a meme). Over the weeks I was juggling the decision

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