Welcome to this weeks installment of Feature Friday - this week we chat to streamer ScubaEdge.Whilst ScubaEdge has only been on our radar for a short time he has been into gaming for most of his life and in time he has built an epic community around his twitch, Twitter and Instagram. To read up more about ScubaEdge please check out these interesting facts below.

Origins of gamer tag/name ScubaEdge:

SE: I’ve been getting called Scuba for nearly 20 years, it all goes back to when I was in school and my friend at the time recently got back from seeing the Adam Sandler movie called Big Daddy, you know the one where the kid has an action figure called Scuba Steve. With my name being Steve naturally, my friends started calling me Scuba Steve. It kind of just stuck and all my other friends started calling me Scuba, even my parents haha. Here we are nearly 20 years later and I’m still getting called Scuba by everyone. As for the Edge part, just ScubaSteve or Scuba was already taken and I was trying to find a name that was available on all social media accounts so could keep everything the same (which is incredibly hard I should add) and I decided on ScubaEdge.

What influenced you to become a streamer?

SE: I’ve been a gamer my whole life, whether it was playing games with my Dad on his Commodore 64 or Sega Megadrive, right through all the latest consoles and PC games. I was always aware of Twitch and what it was but I never really watched it, it was only when two of my good friends (NoObjectiveGamingAU) started a podcast which they eventually began to broadcast on Twitch that I really got invested in the platform. I found myself spending a lot of time watching and chatting with them, I even joined their podcast a few times. I made lots of friends through their channel and from there I would get asked to stream or if I streamed, eventually, I decided to give it a go and here we are!

What games are you currently playing?

SE: I really love single player story driven games with a strong narrative. It’s what I’ve always loved playing and when I started streaming on Twitch I told myself I wouldn’t change the type of games I love playing just to try and get views or clicks. As of June 2019 I just finished up playing Days Gone the open world survival game, which was a lot of fun and not as bad as the reviews it received. I just started A Plague Tale: Innocence, I’ve heard it’s amazing.
In saying all that I don’t mind sometimes playing a few multiplayer rounds of COD with friends or even some looter shooter action if I have time.

Experience working with brands:

SE: When I was in a band years ago I worked with a lot of merchandise companies, clothing lines, and promotion companies. As far as working with brands within the gaming industry I haven’t collaborated with any yet, I’ve had a few different smaller brands message me but I haven’t felt like any of these were the right fit yet, also some of these were strange products that I wouldn’t endorse/use in real life haha. I’m definitely always open to new opportunities though!

Top tips for New streamers:

SE: There are lots of great tips out there for new streamers or even existing streamers but some things that I’ve found to help out a lot are.

Schedule- keeping a consistent schedule is a great way to start, as you build up a community they’ll begin to know when you’re going to be online. Erratic stream times make it harder for regulars viewers to pop back in and watch.

Networking- I find networking with other streamers to be key and one of the best ways to grow. Watching other streamers around your size that also play similar games to yourself helps to make friends within their communities (don’t go self-promoting in their channel though). Raid/Host these streamers as well, a lot of the time these streamers will return the favour and pop into your chat. Get social on twitter and Instagram, chat and makes friends through these other platforms.

Entertaining- probably the most important tip is to try to be entertaining, I’m not saying be fake as you should always be yourself but there wouldn’t be much incentive for someone to stick around or to raid your channel again if your not talking to them, be engaging in conversation or be grateful for them coming by. 

If all else fails play some SoulsBorne games, they have an amazing community behind them!